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Q: Glass door overhead concealed closer is leaking oil?

A: Door must come down to replace closer.


Q: Door is slamming hard? Unable to adjust?

A: Closer may need adjustments or replacement / or the door may need adjustments.


Q: Door is not engaging properly with hold open device on closer

A: Closer may need a new parallel arm or new closer.


Q: Door is currently rubbing the top header or bottom threshold or door jamb?

A: These issues may need a quick adjustment or new pivot hardware.


Q: Wooden door has swelled due to rainy weather

A: Replace the entire door.


Q: The gap between double doors exceeds 1/2'

A: Door jamb or frame may be broken loose or door needs some adjustments.


Q: Glass double aluminum frame storefront doors inner locking rods not working properly? Will not lock secure?

A: This is a common problem that may need the door to come down to replace rods new or just adjustments.


Q: Back check opening pressure to much resistance?

A: Depending on the door closer, it can be adjusted or replaced.

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